Example elements of a digital, social, and print campaign designed to promote "Killing Eve" in the UK.
To introduce the British audience to a new show, this campaign will centre around the relationship between the two lead characters. After all, it is their unique dynamic that helps make "Killing Eve" so compelling, fun, and dark. Each campaign element will live within the cat-and-mouse game the two main characters play throughout the first season.
Film - Teaser Trailers
Social Promotion - Teaser Trailer
Digital Promotion - Postcards From Villanelle
Instagram + Snapchat Stories
To further promote "Killing Eve", the campaign will commission a series of illustrated postcards, drawing upon a theme from the show. 
Each postcard will be 'from' Villanelle to Eve, with the city name missing. The illustration on each postcard will contain subtle clues that can be used to piece together which city Villanelle is in at the time. The audience will be able to play along themselves and see if they can guess the city, before 'swiping up' to reveal the answer and a short teaser clip from the show.
Art Inspiration
Digital Promotion - Social Post
Facebook + Instagram posts
A series of POV-style clips will be filmed for social promotion. 
Example: Camera is close-up on a woman resembling Villanelle from behind. She sits at a desk, writing something. Next shot is a close-up of what she's writing: a letter. The ink is dark red, potentially blood. She writes "Sorry baby x" - a line from the show.
Rough Proof of Concept
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